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Strategic goals

We have defined five key strategic goals: we provide our customers with solutions that create added value for them, we reach market leadership in Finland and Russia through profitable growth, we enable e-commerce, we lead the way in the transformation of the postal industry and we are the best workplace.

We offer the best overall management of the customer experience and supply chain, and we develop new service and business models that create added value in the outsourcing of logistics and in other business areas. In e-commerce, key factors include ensuring fast and reliable deliveries and reducing the amount of capital tied to logistics. Consumers appreciate reliable and quick services that are easy to use. In our business, we have strong synergies that transcend national borders.

We are the leading partner for logistics services in Finland. Our service network covers the entire country, and we offer the best route from Finland to Russia. We intend to double our net sales in Russia by 2020. We are the most important logistics partner in retail, and we secure the flow of logistics to Finland and Russia from Central Europe and the Nordic countries. We ensure profitability through performance improvement programs and synergies.

In terms of enabling e-commerce, we are the leading service provider in Finland and among the three largest in Russia. In addition, we are the first choice of Finnish and international e-commerce outlets. In Finland, we provide comprehensive transport, warehousing and product delivery services as well as direct marketing solutions and customer data management services. In addition to warehousing services, we provide corporate and consumer delivery services in Russia.

The structural transformation of the postal industry requires us to be flexible and able to predict changes, so that our operations remain profitable. Letter and publication delivery volumes are decreasing steeply, while e-commerce is growing. We listen to our customers and invest in business and service development. We play a significant role in society by offering multi-channel postal services in Finland.

We are the best and most responsible employer. The transformation of the postal industry will change our competence requirements, number of personnel and career paths. We need new types of competence in commerce and the transport of goods, for example. We support professional development through training, job rotation and on-the-job training. Our occupational safety vision is: Safely together every day.

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