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Our customer promise is to be easy, fast, reliable and responsible

The customer experience is one of the focuses of our strategy. Providing the best customer experience and making the customer happy are key to the development of our operations.

In line with our customer promise, we want to be easy, fast, reliable and responsible. In practice, this means that our services are easy to purchase and use. Interacting with us is smooth and simple. Our services are available whenever and wherever you need them. We understand different speed of service requirements. Our comprehensive service network ensures the most suitable delivery speed for you. We keep our promises and develop our operations while staying attuned to customer needs. We follow ethical principles in all of our operations.

Because the customer experience is key, we constantly request feedback, so that we can further improve our operations. According to our 2013 customer satisfaction survey, our customers were less satisfied with us than they were in 2012. Based on the results, Itella Logistics in particular has room for improvement. In Sweden, customer satisfaction with Itella Logistics and OpusCapita increased. In Germany, customer satisfaction with OpusCapita increased markedly. Customers were more satisfied with OpusCapita in Finland as well.

Our customers were particularly satisfied with our customer service, which they considered to be friendly and service-oriented. However, we have to improve and increase interaction and communications, among other aspects. Communications with customers is one of our key development projects for 2014, and we will focus on electronic channels in particular.

Our consumer customers were particularly satisfied with our parcel terminals, which they considered to be excellent channels for sending and receiving mail.

We also measured the recognizability of our brand in Finland. According to the brand survey, Itella is very well known as a brand. Its overall recognizability was 100%, and its spontaneous recognizability was 58%. We were the first choice for 28% of respondents.

Our corporate customers trust Itella as an e-commerce expert. We were the first choice for 40% of corporate respondents. For consumers, Posti is the best, most frequently used and best-known parcel brand. Posti is regarded as being reliable, and its services are considered to be necessary for the smooth running of everyday life.