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In October, we published our new vision and strategic goals for up until the year 2020. Our operations will be more customer-focused than previously. Our new vision is: Your first choice in postal, logistics and e-commerce services. Our mission is: Our main mission is to manage the flow of commerce and everyday life.

Our primary goal for the coming years is to ensure a sustainable foundation for profitable operations in order to secure funding for our services that fall under the universal service obligation in accordance with the Finnish Postal Act and make sufficient investments in growth areas.

Visio2020 -kuvitus

The megatrends shaping our business environment include the dramatic transformation of the postal industry, the sharp increase in e-commerce, the growing power of consumers, the period of slow economic growth in Europe and the growth market in Russia.

Letter and publication distribution volumes are decreasing at an increasing pace as communications becomes digitalized. By 2020, the volumes will have fallen to half of what they are today. At the same time, the number of parcels transported is increasing as a result of e-commerce. The growth of e-commerce is driven by the increased purchase of consumer goods from online shops, the development of user devices and the infrastructure of payment systems and logistics, among other factors.

Economic development in Russia is influenced by the world market price of oil, WTO membership and foreign investments, for example. The proximity and purchasing power of the St. Petersburg economic region offer new opportunities for Finland. In addition, economic growth in Russia is fueling consumption in the middle class and particularly the increase in e-commerce.

On the other hand, economic growth will be very slow in Finland and the EU in the coming years. The euro crisis and national debt troubles are not over. Consumers’ purchasing power and companies’ ability to compete in the export markets remain weak. The continued recession is postponing corporate investments.