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Itella in brief

We are your first choice in postal, logistics and e-commerce services. We manage the flow of commerce and everyday life in 11 countries. In 2013, our net sales were EUR 1,977 million.

We employ approximately 26,000 professionals. We offer corporate services under the Itella brand and consumer services under the Posti brand in Finland. Our history spans nearly 400 years. The State of Finland is our sole shareholder.

Of our net sales, approximately 96% comes from businesses and organizations. Our key customer industries are the media, trade and service industries.

In 2013, we had three business groups:

  • Itella Mail Communications provides letter and parcel deliveries and other postal services across Finland. For business customers, we provide multi-channel marketing solutions designed to reach their customers effectively.
  • Itella Logistics* supports and develops the business operations of our customer companies by providing them with service logistics solutions for road, sea and air freight as well as warehousing and other contract logistics.
  • OpusCapita develops financial management processes as a service. Its services cover all aspects of financial management, from purchase orders to payments and from sales orders to inbound cash flow management, as well as all accounting and payroll administration, if needed.

*The Russian operations of Itella Logistics were separated from other operations to create a business group on January 1, 2014.

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