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About this report

This is our fourth combined annual report and GRI-compliant corporate responsibility report. Before combining the reports, we published separate personnel and environmental reports and also reported corporate responsibility issues on our website.

A comprehensive corporate responsibility report will be included in this online report. In addition, a summary of key corporate responsibility issues in 2013 will be included in our printed Itella in 2013 report. This is the second time that we have published an online version of our corporate responsibility report. Compared to 2012, we have expanded the content of the online report considerably.

The online report and printed report are both available in Finnish and English.

The key target groups of the report are the state, as our owner, as well as customers, personnel, partners and the media. The postal industry is undergoing the greatest transformation in its history, and our vision is to be the first choice in postal, logistics and e-commerce services. For this reason, the theme of our annual report and corporate responsibility report for 2013 is “Communications in a changing world.”




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