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34. Pledges, commitments and other liabilities

EUR million 2013 2012
Pledges given on own behalf:

Bank guarantee 8.3 13.6

Guarantee 4.9 5.2

Pledges 0.1 0.1
Total 13.2 18.9

Itella has received claims from its contract customers to refund the value added taxes they have paid amounting to a total of EUR 94 million. The decision given by the Helsinki District Court in summer 2011 was positive to Itella. The decision was however nullified by the Helsinki Court of Appeal and thus returned to the district court in which the proceedings began in 2012. Itella considers the customers’ claims to be unfounded in their entirety.

In accordance with the secured environmental permit, the Group is subject to environmental liability regarding the cleanup of land in the Pohjois-Pasila office lot. The liability amounts to approximately EUR 19.9 million and it will be realized over 10 to 15 years in the costs, provided that the purpose of use of the lot is changed from the current purpose of use. Itella has assigned 34,745 square meters of the area to the City of Helsinki for street, park, and recreational use, and agreed to pay EUR 4.2 million of the planning and building costs related to public utility construction to the City of Helsinki in exchange for the area's zoning. A provision of EUR 4.2 million related to the construction costs and a provision of EUR 2.2 million related to the expenses of the cleanup of the assigned land areas has been recognized on the balance sheet. A corresponding capitalization has been recognized in land and water areas on the balance sheet.