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23. Trade receivables and other current receivables

EUR million 2013 2012
Finance lease receivables - -
Loan receivables 0.1 0.1
Trade receivables 220.8 224.5
Trade receivables from associated companies 0.8 0.9
Loan receivables from associated companies - 0.1
Accrued income and prepayments 76.8 76.6
Other receivables 12.5 27.8
Total 311.0 329.9

More information on trade receivables is provided in note 35 Financial risk management. Other receivables include a EUR 10.1 (23.3) million insurance claim related to an accident that occurred in a warehouse in Russia. The provision for damages related to the accident is disclosed in the note 30. Other receivables mainly include credit card receivables from banks and financing companies.

The largest item under accrued income and prepayments includes EUR 27.9 (28.8) million accrued terminal rate receivables from other postal administrations. Other receivables include ordinary sales accruals and prepaid expenses.