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OpusCapita’s comparable net sales increased by 3.5%. Its net sales amounted to EUR 263.4 (270.1) million. The divestment of the company’s printing services in Germany and Poland had a negative effect on net sales.

The operating result before non-recurring items improved to EUR 22.5 (15.6) million, or 8.5% (5.8%) of net sales. In addition to increased volumes, favorable development in the profitability of all business units through increased automation and more efficient production had a positive effect on the operating result. Positive developments in outsourcing and software service business operations had a particularly favorable effect on the result, as did printing service business operations, which again recorded a good result.The business group’s operating result improved to EUR 16.9 (-1.1) million. In 2012, its operating result was affected by the divestment of printing services in Germany.

OpusCapita’s invoicing of continuous services developed favorably in 2013. In particular, the operating results of its companies in Norway and Sweden increased in the local currencies. The number of transactions in electronic business operations grew in all markets. In financial administration outsourcing services, OpusCapita acquired new customers and improved profitability through efficiency measures.

Continuous service business operations make up 95% of OpusCapita’s net sales. This includes multichannel invoicing and invoice management solutions for paper and electronic invoices, as well as software maintenance fees, and regularly invoiced outsourcing services. OpusCapita transmitted a total of 180 million electronic transactions. The share of electronic transactions of the total volume of transactions is increasing and stood at 28% in 2013. The total volume of transactions includes printed and mailed paper letters. In addition, OpusCapita introduced its upgraded cloud-based software solutions for electronic invoice management and payments, among other functions.

On August 30, 2013, OpusCapita sold its printing services in Poland to PostNord. As part of the transaction, 50 employees transferred from OpusCapita to the PostNord Strålfors business unit in Warsaw. The transaction did not have a significant effect on OpusCapita’s net sales or operating result.

OpusCapita’s investments amounted to EUR 3.7 (5.8) million. The investments were related to capitalized development projects and maintenance investments in printing service business operations.

Key Figures of Business Groups, MEUR 1–12/2013 1–12/2012 Change
Net sales

Itella Mail Communications 1,160.2 1,167.6 -0.6%
Itella Logistics 842.3 781.5 7.8%
OpusCapita 263.4 270.1 -2.5%
Other operations 60.5 63.1 -4.1%
Intra-Group sales -349.6 -335.6 4.2%
Itella Group 1,976.8 1,946.7 1.5%

Operating result (non-IFRS)*)

Itella Mail Communications 66.7 74.0 -9.9%
Itella Logistics -19.4 -12.0 neg
OpusCapita 22.5 15.6 44.5%
Other operations -19.4 -24.4 neg
Itella Group 50.5 53.2 -5.1%

Operating result (EBIT)

Itella Mail Communications 64.1 74.0 -13.4%
Itella Logistics -45.9 -9.5 neg
OpusCapita 17.0 -1.1 neg
Other operations -25.2 -24.4 neg
Itella Group 9.9 39.0 -74.6%

Operating result (non-IFRS), %*)

Itella Mail Communications 5.8% 6.3%
Itella Logistics -2.3% -1.5%
OpusCapita 8.5% 5.8%
Itella Group 2.6% 2.7%

Operating result (EBIT), %

Itella Mail Communications 5.5% 6.3%
Itella Logistics -5.5% -1.2%
OpusCapita 6.4% -0.4%
Itella Group 0.5% 2.0%

  *) Non-IFRS = before non-recurring items