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Itella Mail Communications

Itella Mail Communications’ net sales decreased by 0.6% to EUR 1,160.2 (1,167.6) million. The decrease is explained by a decline in addressed deliveries.

Operations under the universal service obligation amounted to EUR 150.2 (139.1) million, or 12.9% (11.9 %) of net sales.

The business group’s operating result decreased to EUR 64.1 (74.0) million, or 5.8% (6.3%) of net sales. The operating result before non-recurring items amounted to EUR 66.7 (74.0) million. Non-recurring items in the review period totaled EUR -2.6 (0.0) million.

In 2013, mail delivery volumes developed as follows (compared to 2012):

  • Newspapers -6% (-8%)
  • Magazines -7% (-5%)
  • Addressed letters -6% (-4%)
  • Unaddressed direct marketing +11% (+20%)
  • Parcel services +4% (+5%)
  • Electronic letters +11% (+36%)

During the year, Itella strengthened its market share in parcel services, which continued to grow. Itella increased its market share in B2B and maintained its position as the market leader in B2C. The number of parcels delivered by Itella increased by 1.1 million. In 2013, Itella delivered a total of nearly 32 million parcels.

However, the growth rate was lower than in 2012, and the smallest growth rate was recorded in the fourth quarter. Despite slower growth, Christmas was strong in parcel services. The growth in parcel services slowed down as a result of moderate GDP development and the increasing popularity of foreign online retailers among Finnish consumers.

Posti had 1,310 service points at the end of the year. Of these, 101 were managed by Posti and 902 were managed by entrepreneurs. Posti brought 176 parcel terminals into use in 2013, bringing their total number to 307. The goal is to increase the number of the various service points to 1,700 by 2020. The use of parcel terminals increased during 2013, with the number of parcels growing by 280% from the previous year.

The number of Netposti users reached 534,000 at the end of 2013, increasing by 20% from 2012.

As planned, the business group invested EUR 30.9 (26.8) million in vehicles, production projects and parcel terminals in 2013.