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Social responsibility

Providing premium mail services to everyone across the country continues to be our main mission in Finland. We serve our consumer customers under the name Posti. September 2013 marked the 375th anniversary of the establishment of the national postal service in Finland.

We ensure that the letter and parcel services that fall within the scope of universal service obligation are available to everyone. We are the only operator in Finland to provide five-day delivery services that cover the entire country. The universal service obligation covers the entire country, with the exception of the Aland Islands. The obligation is monitored by the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority.

During 2013, Itella Posti delivered items that fall within the scope of the universal service obligation on five weekdays to all households in accordance with the Finnish Postal Act. In areas that are difficult to reach, we deviated from the five-weekday obligation of 155 households, with the allowed maximum being 300. In 2013, Itella Post received 9,558 inquiries related to normal letters. Altogether 7,273 inquiries were unresolved, and 135 items were declared as having been lost, while 2,150 lost items were found. Inquiries related to letter items represented 0.001% of the total volume, and the damaged first-class and second-class letters represented 0.0047% of the total volume.

According to the decree on postal service points, the nearest service point must be located within three kilometers of the majority (82%) of service users. Reasonable distances are promoted by a policy stating that the distance for a maximum of 3% of people may exceed ten kilometers from their permanent residence.

Netposti is a free online transaction service for people aged over 15 in Finland. It enables consumers to receive electronic letters addressed to them by companies and organizations in a secure way. These include invoices, payslips, letters from the authorities and other important messages that consumers would otherwise receive at their home addresses on paper. Small enterprises and organizations can also register as Netposti users.