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Spotlight on occupational safety

– In 2013, occupational safety was designated one of our key areas of development. Our goal was to significantly reduce the number of workplace accidents and to draw attention to the importance of both acting and thinking in ways that help to prevent accidents.

Our key occupational safety principles are: prevention, risk assessment, investigating all occupational accidents, risk elimination and an annual risk elimination plan as well as continuous monitoring. Our shared tools include safety observations, safety walkabouts, safety info sessions, occupational safety discussions and our commitment to investigating and communicating all workplace accidents.

We have been monitoring occupational safety at Itella since September 2013. Our benchmarks are accident frequency and the total number of accidents. In this short space of time, we have already succeeded in bringing down the total number and frequency of accidents.

Sanna-Mari Myllynen
Director of Well-being, Health and Safety at Work, Itella