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Know-how and continuous development matter at Itella

We support the professional development of all our employees by providing them with opportunities for on-the-job learning, support for self-motivated study and access to a range of training courses.

– I took part in the Vilopa training provided by Itella. Vilopa is a vocational qualification in mail communications and logistics services. It’s intended for people who work in transport, sorting, distribution, warehousing or customer service roles and who have at least three years of practical experience on the job.

The apprenticeship scheme was great for me. It was an excellent way of gaining a more in-depth understanding of this field and to gain a qualification while working full-time. For the most part, all the learning happened on the job and I also did some more formal exercises on the side. The qualification also included some contact teaching time. I did my on-the-job training in Germany.

Feedback was a really central part of my learning process. I asked for and received a huge amount of feedback and it really spurred me on. I can definitely recommend an apprenticeship to anyone.

Hanna-Kaisa Kröger
Planner, Itella Mail Communications