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Interaction with stakeholders

We engage in active interaction with our stakeholders. Only through interaction can we understand our stakeholders’ needs and expectations and develop our operations accordingly. Our key stakeholders are customers, personnel, the state, as our owner, and the media, as well as our partners in subcontracting, research and the industry.

Our industry is undergoing a profound transformation, which is the reason why we must interact with our stakeholders even more actively than before. At the beginning of September, we strengthened our organization in this respect by hiring a Vice President of Stakeholder Relations, who is also responsible for group communications and corporate responsibility. Our company has not had a similar post before.

Our employees were a key stakeholder group when we prepared and announced our new vision and strategy during the year. We recruited vision agents internally who worked at workshops on our vision for up until the year 2020. In addition, we worked on our strategy and vision at the G50 meeting, which was hosted by our President and CEO. The meeting was intended for managers and experts from various business groups and countries of operation. After launching our vision, we have organized numerous vision events in different parts of Finland. We have also established a vision channel for personnel, which they can use for submitting questions and ideas.

We have reported issues considered to be important by our key stakeholders under Stakeholder survey.

This table presents our key stakeholders and their expectations. The table also includes information on key tools and forms of interaction in 2013.

Stakeholder groups


Stakeholder group


Key interaction tools and results in 2013



  • Reliable high-quality postal and logistics services and financial management services for a reasonable price
  • Information security and protection of privacy in all services
  • Commitment to ethical principles
  • Modernization in response to customer needs
  • Solutions for digitization
  • Environmental efficiency
  • We made effective use of customer satisfaction surveys and feedback.The number of Posti's service points was increased by over 200 during the year.
  • We operate in an environmentally responsible way by reducing the emissions of our vehicles, for example. The emissions of Posti’s delivery vehicles reduced by more than 3% during the year.


  • Equal treatment of personnel
  • Competitive and fair rewards
  • Responsible management and supervisory work
  • Development of well-being at work
  • Engagement and flow of information
  • The bonus plan covers the entire Group. Investment in well-being at work continued.
  • The Group invested in occupational safety and launched the Safe Workplace project.
  • Itella had to adjust its operations in response to the strong decline in the demand for traditional mail, as a result of the rapid increase of digital communications. Cooperation negotiations were carried out during the year to adjust the number of personnel to the prevailing situation.
  • Employees have access to an initiative bank, an electronic channel for distributing and processing initiatives within Itella.
  • Employees have a channel for submitting feedback on issues related to ethical guidelines and topics discussed by the equality committee. Feedback can also be submitted anonymously.
  • We continued to actively cooperate with our personnel, and managers and employee representatives met regularly at cooperation meetings.


  • Reliable high-quality postal services for reasonable prices throughout Finland.
  • Profitability and solvency.
  • Good governance and transparency of operations.
  • Employees’ status and rights, and environmental responsibility.
  • Increasing ownership value in a sustainable and responsible manner.
  • We continued to provide online training related to our Employee Code of Conduct.
  • The number of Posti's service points was increased by more than 200 during the year.

Partners in subcontracting, research and the industry

  • Transparent sourcing criteria and equal treatment of suppliers.
  • Pilot and research projects for new technologies and business models.
  • An active role in international industry associations.
  • We continued our sourcing development program.
  • Permanent membership of PostEurope, the Universal Postal Union (UPU) and the International Post Corporation (IPC).
  • Membership of the Finnish service sector employers’ association PALTA (a member association of the Confederation of Finnish Industries EK), the Finnish Federation for Communications and Teleinformatics (FiCom) and Finnish Business & Society (FIBS).

The media

  • Fast and reliable flow of information.
  • High level of availability and swift services.
  • We issued approximately 300 media releases in 2013.
  • We organized meetings with representatives of the media and offered reporters information on news and current events in our industry.
  • Our MediaDesk serves journalists: we received nearly 600 contact requests from the media. We generally responded to all requests for an interview within 30 minutes.