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We began reporting our tax footprint

Corporate taxes and tax heavens were discussed frequently in 2013. In our survey, all of our stakeholder groups considered tax footprint reporting to be important.

We want to lead the way and report our tax footprint as openly and transparently as possible. During the summer of 2013, we calculated our tax footprint for the first time and published our tax information for 2012 on our website. We report our tax information in accordance with IFRS by geographical segments: Finland, Scandinavia, Russia and the Baltic countries and other countries. This information will be reported regularly as part of our corporate responsibility reporting.

We are a significant taxpayer. By paying taxes and other public fees, we contribute to improving well-being in society.

Because of Itella’s weakened profitability, the income taxes Itella has paid declined remarkably from the previous year. Companies pay significant amounts of other taxes than income taxes. The amount of these other taxes are not dependent on company’s profitability but for example paid salaries. Although 76% of Itella’s net sales come from Finland, Itella pays 84% of all income taxes and similar taxes and fees in Finland. In addition to this, we collect significant amounts of remittable taxes, such as value added taxes, that are remitted as part of business operations to tax collectors in different countries.

Taxes paid and remitted by geographical area





Itella Group’s tax policy

  • The Itella Group is committed to operating responsibly and complying with laws and rules in all of its countries of operation.
  • The Group companies pay all of their statutory direct, indirect and other taxes on time.

Income taxes and similar taxes and fees

Geographical area Income taxes, EUR million Income taxes and similar taxes
and fees, EUR million
Finland 2.2 166,8*
Scandinavia - 7.4
Russia and the Baltic countries 0.9 11.8
Other countries - 0.5
Total 3.1 186.5

The figures are unaudited.

*) Finland’s figure includes pension insurance payments paid in Finland, EUR 140 million.

The figures include income taxes, real estate taxes, production taxes, employer's contributions, pension insurance payments, energy and fuel taxes and other possible taxes.


Remitted taxes paid in 2013

Geographical area EUR million
Finland 315.1
Scandinavia 19.8
Russia and the Baltic countries 30.4
Other countries 3.2
Total 368.5

The figures include value added taxes, salary taxes and other remitted taxes.

The figures are unaudited.