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Cooperation in football and music

We want to offer financial and emotional support for projects and operations that touch many people’s lives. Our cooperation with our selected partners is not only about funding, but also about being an active operator. This cooperation is related to sports, culture and social development. Our Board of Directors decides on donations annually.

In Finland, we have focused on sponsoring football in recent years. We have systematically provided support at the top and grassroots levels. In January, we extended our agreement with the football association of Finland and continued as their main cooperation partner for 2013. Our cooperation dates back to 1994.

In addition, we have collaborated with the Sibelius Academy for a long time, supporting the music culture and the training of young, talented people to become top performers nationally and internationally. Our cooperation offers students an opportunity to perform at a diverse range of events. During the year, we treated our customers to concerts at the Sibelius Academy and actively developed new event concepts with the Sibelius Academy.

We also want to contribute to the construction of a new national expert unit in children’s hospital care in Finland. We donated our Christmas gift funds to the hospital project. In Russia, we made a Christmas donation to a foundation that helps children suffering from incurable heart diseases.