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We actively research and develop our services

Our research and development costs totaled EUR 11.3 million or 0.6% of the operating costs in 2012. In 2012, the corresponding figures were EUR 15.2 million and 0.8%.

At Itella Mail Communications, in addition to annual analyses of research operations, research focused on long-term forecasts and the analysis of factors affecting the demand for and profitability of postal operations, which served as background information for our new vision. In addition, we studied the impact of the universal service obligation for Posti’s profitability, the development of customer satisfaction in services provided by Itella in all of our countries of operation, the progress made in electronic invoicing, the structure and digitization of letter traffic, the significance of e-commerce as a channel for shopping and the development of newspaper and magazine subscriptions in the near future.

We continued to develop new electronic services and launched the Posti Maksuturva service in collaboration with Suomen Maksuturva for e-commerce operators for the management of online payments and product returns. With regard to physical services, we piloted the delivery of groceries to parcel points in collaboration with the Alepa Kauppakassi online grocery shopping service, and we launched the Termo refrigerated delivery service from small food producers directly to consumers. We completed our electronic delivery pilot project in the archipelago in the southwestern Finland.

Itella Logistics invested in a new freight operating system. After VR Transpoint’s groupage logistics and PT Logistiikka became a part of Itella Logistics, we continued to develop the optimization and transport management systems of our domestic transport business.

At OpusCapita, we began to develop a new global mail communications platform and continued the development of products designed for cash flow automation by introducing new mobile and cloud service solutions and by investing in the user-friendliness of products.