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Vehicles represent the largest part of emissions

Our fleet of 4,000 commercial vehicles records a total of more than 125 million kilometers each year. Vehicles represent more than 80% of the total carbon dioxide emissions of our company.

We reduce fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions by planning routes efficiently, combining deliveries and driving in an environmentally responsible manner. In addition, our goal is to increase the share of alternative vehicles to 40% of our delivery vehicles by 2020.

In the fall, we began the installation of driving style monitoring devices in our delivery and transport vehicles. In total, monitoring devices will be installed in approximately 3,200 Itella Posti vehicles and around 800 Itella Logistics’ vehicles. All of our delivery vehicles will have driving style monitoring devices by the end of June 2014.

In November, we acquired 25 biogas vehicles. Most of them are used for mail delivery in the capital region. Biogas produces no harmful particles and practically no greenhouse gas emissions during its life cycle.

We also deliver mail by foot and by bicycle. About 1,400 delivery routes are handled by bicycle every day. We also use environmentally friendly electric carts and electric cars and 1,000 electric bicycles. Up until now, increasing the number of electric cars in delivery has been challenging, as electric cars suitable for winter conditions in Finland are not available. About half of the mopeds we use are electric.