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We improve the energy and waste efficiency of our premises

We want to continually improve the energy and waste efficiency of our premises. Completed in early June, the Pennala logistics center was built in accordance with green construction principles. Together with the old warehouse, Pennala offers more than 100,000 square meters of warehouse space for the customers of Itella Logistics.

The center has a voice-controlled collection system and automated forklifts, among other features. In addition, it has energy-saving external wall panels and a hybrid heating system that uses geothermal heat and gas. Located in the middle of our shop and customer network, the center serves to improve efficiency and reduce the carbon footprint of delivery transports, among other aspects.

Our goal is to cut down 2% of the electricity consumption of our properties and 3% of heat consumption annually until 2015. In 2013, we were very successful. Compared to last year, energy consumption of large properties decreased by 2,487GWh, 4.1% and heat consumption of large properties by 1,680 GWh, 4.4% (temperature-adjusted). Large properties such as warehouses, terminals and postal centers use about 75% of all electricity.

We actively seek to reduce landfill waste and improve the efficiency of sorting. We monitor the amounts of waste produced by large sorting centers on a monthly basis. Our goal is to keep the share of mixed waste of all waste at a maximum of 2%. We did not reach this goal: mixed waste represented about 10% of our total waste.

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