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Financial responsibility management

Itella wants to grow profitably, as only a financially sound company can implement its responsibilities in terms of society, personnel, the environment and all stakeholder groups. We plan our finances from a long-term perspective, anticipating changes in the market, customer demands and risk scenarios in Finland and abroad. Financial responsibility management is supported by our risk management policy, internal control principles and corporate governance principles.

Information security

We process all information in strict confidence, taking information security issues into account. Our corporate security policy determines the minimum level for all of our countries of operation.

Exceeding legal requirements, our policy is based on international standards (SoGP, ISO/IEC 27001 and TAPA), which determine our targets, responsibilities and implementation methods in information security management.

Our policy takes into account the requirements of our customers, the business environment and risk management. In terms of protection, we see as particularly important customer and personnel information as well as our and our partners’ confidential information and the related systems and business processes.

Our risk management unit prepares information security guidelines and supports the management in implementing them. In all of our Group companies, the management is responsible for implementing our corporate security policy as part of their daily work.