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Service development in collaboration with the customers

We continually develop our services in response to the changing situation. We improve our services in collaboration with our customers. Customers increasingly want to attend to their postal affairs regardless of time and place, at a time that works best for them.

We piloted the delivery of groceries to parcel terminals in collaboration with the Alepa Kauppakassi online grocery shopping service. Ten Kauppakassi lockers were built into Posti's parcel terminal at an Alepa grocery store in Espoo. Carried out in collaboration with HOK-Elanto, the pilot project enabled customers to pay for and pick up their online grocery deliveries at a parcel terminal.

We introduced a new credit facility for Netposti that consumers can use to pay invoices received via Netposti. The credit facility is provided by the financing company Collector Credit.

In the fall, we introduced a solution that makes it easier for e-commerce operators to process product returns. Consumer customers can use the Posti Maksuturva service to monitor deliveries, contact retailers, notify retailers of product returns and print address labels for product returns. The service enables safe payments and returns of payments. The project was launched in collaboration with Suomen Maksuturva in response to the EU directive on e-commerce, which will be adopted in June 2014. The directive requires online retailers to harmonize their operating methods in terms of deliveries and product returns, among other aspects.

Itella Termo is a refrigerated delivery service that helps producers and customers find one another. We expanded the service to cover deliveries from small food producers directly to consumers. In addition to producers, Itella Termo serves customers who want to buy organic products directly from producers, for example. Termo deliveries support the growth of online food commerce. Even small batches of products that require refrigerated transport can be delivered using Itella’s existing delivery network. Itella Termo is also used by online shops that sell consumer goods and groceries.

In addition, we launched a pilot project with Stara, the dedicated construction service provider for the City of Helsinki, to test Posti's route planning tool in winter street maintenance. The tool can be used to plan routes based on changing resources and conditions while maintaining the agreed service level and improving the efficiency of street maintenance.

We also harmonized the principles of our Poste restante service in accordance with international practices. Postal items shipped to Poste restante addresses must now include the real name of the recipient. The service enables people to temporarily receive mail to a Poste restante address while traveling in a foreign country, for example.

In June 2013, we completed our electronic delivery pilot project in the archipelago in southwestern Finland. The project was launched in 2012. Some 100 households participated in the pilot. Judging from their positive feedback, the project was successful. Around 75% of the participants would like to continue to receive printed newspapers and magazines and other mail electronically. In the project, the participants received digitized newspapers and magazines and other mail via Netposti. They were provided with an electronic scanner and an easy-to-use application for the duration of the project.