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Reliable postal services of a high quality

According a survey published by the Ministry of Transport and Communications in February, consumers and companies continue to be satisfied with postal services. The vast majority of Finns consider postal operations to be of a high quality in Finland.

The results support our observations that the increase in electronic communications reduces the number of traditional letters sent by consumers and companies, and that a growing number of people could consider receiving letters by email or other electronic means instead of traditional mail.

Our operations and their compliance with the Finnish Postal Act and the related regulations are monitored by the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority. The purpose of the Postal Act is to ensure the availability of postal services and particularly the provision of universal service on equal terms in all parts of the country. We report annually on the implementation of our delivery obligation as well as shipment inquiries, damage situations and the processing of customer feedback. The results of the reporting are presented in more detail in the Social responsibility section of our corporate responsibility report.

The working group established by the Ministry of Transport and Communications in 2012 continued its work to improve the maintenance of the postal code system and the accessibility of the address register. With regard to the accessibility of the address register, the work will continue in 2014, but the working group suggested in its report for 2013 that Itella Posti should retain the maintenance and management of the postal code system. However, postal code information should be made easily available for everyone in electronic format, free of charge.

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