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Itella delivers meals for the City of Rauma catering services

Itella signed its first food delivery agreements in the Capital Region in the mid-1990s. Today, Itella provides food transport services nationally, delivering meals in some 70 locations.

Meal deliveries are local deliveries from industrial kitchens to service kitchens at schools, day-care centers and other facilities. The demand for meal deliveries is growing, with municipalities centralizing meal preparation into larger units. This increases transport needs.

The City of Rauma is one of Itella’s meal delivery customers. Since 2007, Itella has delivered all of the meals prepared by the City of Rauma catering services to schools, day-care centers, assisted living facilities, nursing homes and other nursing units. Meals are delivered from two industrial kitchens to more than 50 locations.

- We wanted to find a strong cooperation partner that could take care of all of our meal deliveries. Previously, we purchased meal delivery services from several providers, says Pirjo Vainio, Director of City Catering Services in Rauma.

According to Vainio, Itella’s primary strengths include flexibility and logistics expertise.

- Recently, we have made many changes to our catering service operations, including delivery routes. Despite the changes, everything has worked excellently. We are very pleased with the services provided by Itella.

According to Vainio, Itella’s strengths also include frequent interaction.

- It is important to hold meetings regularly, so that both parties can keep up with the situation and prepare for changes. To further improve the flow of information, we plan to organize training events for drivers in the future, says Vainio.