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Positive feedback for our sales and customer cooperation

We listen to our customers and develop our operations in line with their needs. We ask our customers for feedback in our continual interaction with them. In addition, we carry out a customer satisfaction survey annually.

In our 2013 survey, our customers listed good sales and customer cooperation as our strengths. Quality, reliability, flexibility and cost-efficiency as well as extensive and comprehensive operations were among the reasons why our customers recommend Itella Logistics.

Development needs included improving cooperation between domestic freight operations and warehousing services as well as improving electronic services. We will focus on these development needs in 2014. We will also reform our online service channel and invest in quality assurance in domestic transport as well as improved cooperation between transport and warehousing services. In addition, we will provide our drivers and salespeople with additional professional training.

We also met our customers at many customer events. In addition to smaller local events and seminars, we held an opening ceremony at the new Pennala logistics center and participated in the Logistics 13 event at Wanha Satama in Helsinki.