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Paulig relies on Itella for coffee transports

Itella Logistics provides Paulig with transport and handling services for raw coffee at the Vuosaari warehouse in Helsinki. It also provides warehousing services for Vendor coffee equipment and supplies at the Tuusula warehouse. In addition, Itella Logistics is responsible for terminal services at the Moscow logistics center and coffee product transport in Russia.

Paulig’s operations are based on raw coffee, a delicate raw material. Its transport requires great care and knowledge of what real coffee smells and looks like.

– For this reason, we need a reliable and highly professional partner, says Ronny Reijonen, Logistics Director at Paulig.

The Paulig roasting plant in Vuosaari in Helsinki receives around 12 containers of raw coffee per day – around 2,500 containers per year – from the harbor. Each 20-foot container holds around 22,000 kilos of raw coffee beans. Most of the coffee is imported from Brazil, Colombia and Vietnam.